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The Block™ | The Original Compression Packed Rag Bag

The Block | The Original Compression Packed Rag Bag

All of our rag and wiper grades are available in
The Block™ - The Original Compression Packed Rag Bag.


The Block is a compact, compression packed bag featuring a heavy-duty slide zipper closure.  The Block packaging is made from high grade, heavy mil polyethylene.  It is waterproof and resealable, so your wiping cloths stay ready to use and free of outside contaminates.


Compared to traditional boxes and bags, The Block is an improved alternative both on the shelf and in the warehouse with proven results in increased sales… and the benefits are even greater for the customer!



Benefits to the Customer

  • Made from heavy mil poly to withstand the rigors of the job site
  • Waterproof - can be used in wet environments
  • Resealable heavy-duty slide zipper for easy dispensing
  • Convenient easy-to-carry handle
  • Fits where boxes cannot
    • Under vehicle seat
    • In the bed of a pick-up truck - It's weatherproof!
  • When emptied, The Block bag provides convenient storage for rollers, brushes or other tools.

Benefits to the Retailer

  • Uses as much as 50% less space versus traditional packaging required for the same amount of rags
    • Gain valuable space on your retail shelves!
  • Deters open boxes and disheveled shelves
  • Ships in prepacked display cases which further improve the shelf appearance
  • Private labeling available*
    • Full color labels
    • Printed polybags