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Intex Cloth-Like Rags

Reclaimed Rags and Wipers

Reclaimed rags have been re-purposed from used clothing and other textile waste streams.  These grades are sorted using many factors to help insure consistent properties within each grade.  Reclaimed rags and wipers are often the economical choice over it's new material counterpart.


Use the chart below to decide which grade is best for you or contact us with questions or to request samples.

All of our rag and wiper grades are available in traditional and Space-Saver™ compressed boxes and in
The Block™ - The Original Compression Packed Rag Bag.



Traditional Boxes and Bags

Traditional Boxes & Bags

  • 8oz and 16oz Bags
  • Medium (4lbs Net)
  • Large (8lbs Net)
  • Extra Large (20lbs Net)
  • Jumbo (40lbs Net)
Space-Saver Boxes


Compression Packed Boxes

  • Saves 50% space versus traditional boxes
  • Medium (4lbs Net)
  • Large (8lbs Net)
The Block | The Original Compression Packed Rag Bag

The Block™
Compression Packed Rag Bags

  • Saves 50% space versus traditional boxes
  • Resealable & waterproof
  • Keeps rags dry & ready for use
  • Medium (4lbs Net)
  • Large (8lbs Net)
Grade # Description Painting Staining Cleaning Other
5004 Synthetic O.R. Blue/Green Towels
7270 Reclaimed Color Supreme
7401 Reclaimed Color w/Prints
7402 Recycled All White Knits
7404 Recycled Whit Knits
7407 Recycled Washed Color Knits
7609 Recycled Color Lightweight Wovens
7614 Recycled White Sheeting
7630 Recycled White “Mommy-Cloth”
7760 Recycled White Terry Towels
7763 Recycled Color Terry Remnants
7820 Reclaimed Color Flannel
7861 Reclaimed Color Corduroy