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Precision-Fiber® Cloth


Intex Cloth-Like Rags

Auto Care Line | Precision-Fiber® Cloth (PFC®)

Precision-Fiber Cloth (PFC) High Performance Rags and Shop Cloths are made from absorbent natural fibers entangled with super-strong polymers to create a lint-free, solvent resistant fabric that is a significant improvement over cloth rags, cotton or paper shop towels.


PFC wipers are manufactured to exact size and shape with improved features including super-absorbency in water, grease, paint, oil and solvents. A single towel is so strong, it supports up to twenty pounds of weight…even wet! PFC is lighter weight and more pliable for precision wiping on all smooth surfaces and in tight corners. They are packed by count, not weight so you always know exactly how many pieces you’re getting.


PFC rags and shop cloths are completely safe for hands and skin, easily rinse out for re-use and they’re made in the USA.

PFC® High Performance Cloth Rags

  • Crumple packed by count, not weight
  • Large 13.6 in. x 15 in.
  • Optic white
  • Perfect for auto care inside and out, and general cleaning tasks in shop, garage or home.
  • Easily rinse clean for multiple re-use
  • Available in 8, 30, 50 and 100 count polybags

PFC® Super-Duty Shop Cloths

  • More absorbent and versatile than cotton shop towels
  • Crumple packed by count, not weight
  • Large 13.6 in. x 15 in.
  • Shop Towel red – will not bleed!
  • Ideal for paint and body, engine maintenance, tires, rims, all “dirty” jobs.
  • Rinses clean for multiple reuse
  • Available in 25, 50 and 75 count polybags